Virtual Schooling and You: Teaching in Tomorrow's Classrooms

Room: EC Conference Room

Dr. Michael Barbour
Wayne State University (Detroit, MI)
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Description of Presentation:
This presentation will provide an overview of and resources for the three roles teachers assume in online and blended environments (i.e., designer, teacher, and facilitator).

Grade Range:
Middle School, High School

Content Area:
Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Music, Art, Graphic Design, Physical Education, Foreign Language, Special Education, Technology

Target Audience:
Teachers, Administrators, Technology Facilitators

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Session presentation:

Keeping Pace with K-12 Online Learning -
iNACOL Analysis of K-12 Online Learning Plans in Race to the Top Applications -
7 Principles of Effective Web Design for Adolescent Learners -
Best Practices for K-12 Online Teaching -
Teacher Education Goes Into Virtual Schooling -
TEGIVS Scenarios -
Good Practice to Inform: Iowa Learning Online -
Michigan Online Teaching Case Studies -

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