Thank you to everyone who helped me have a successful presentation at my first conference! I have edited my original PowerPoint. It was to big to upload. Please let me know if you need anything else. Thanks, Christa King

A Taste of the Rainbow in Language Arts

Room: E1108

Christa King

National Board Certification

Grenada Upper Elementary Grenada Schools Grenada, MS

Description of Presentation: Bring dramatic and vivid instruction into the classroom with innovative strategies for teaching written and visual language skills. Enable learners to visualize language arts in colorful and creative ways.
Come have a taste of the rainbow in an inviting language arts classroom. This presentation will allow you to bring color back into your language arts curriculum. These innovating ideas for teaching written and visual language skills can be immediately implemented so your children will be a able to visualize the language arts curriculum in a colorful and creative way. Participants will leave with a rich array of interacting strategies to implement into the everyday language arts classroom.

Grade Range:
Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary, Middle School

Content Area:
Language Arts
Target Audience: Teachers. Curriculum Specialists