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The Martin Institute for Teaching Excellence is proud to host the Special Education Summit. This event is the first of many efforts focused on special education that the Martin Institute will be offering in response to the professional development needs expressed by many schools and districts. The summit has been developed with help and input from special education teachers and administrators throughout the Midsouth.

This special conference will be held in 2 formats. Although the schedule will be similar both days of the summit the content will be customized for two different audiences.
  • Tuesday, September 27 - designed for all educators from the area of special education.
  • Wednesday, September 28 - designed for all educators outside the area of special education.

Click on each session below to view a video of the presentation and resources from each presenter.
Lynne Walker
Early Intervention, Multi-sensory Approach
Monica Wilkins and Elaine McCullough
Interventions for Struggling Students

Lunch (Fellowship Hall)
Study Groups • Together We Know More
Kindle Willis
Team Planning, Team Teaching, Differentiating Instruction
Keife Hyland
Application of Brain Science Research to Differentiate Instruction